The sole purpose of this blog post: whining. My beautiful wife Eva (see above - can you blame me for missing this woman?) is visiting her family in Washington State for 8 days. I am one of those crazy people who hates spending time alone. I especially can't bear to be away from my one and only. Usually when she's out of town, I preoccupy myself by moving in with my folks for a few days. However, my parents happen to be in China for the month traveling and visiting my little sis in Beijing. I hardly know what to do with myself! My friends are providing me with good distractions and dinner dates, but I miss my wifey. I have no idea how married foreign service officers survive 1 year unaccompanied posts without their spouses.

US Consulate in Pakistan is Attacked

The perils of the Foreign Service life are becoming increasingly apparent.

From the New York Times: "In the most direct attack on an American facility in Pakistan in years, militants mounted a multipronged assault against the United States Consulate in this northern city on Monday, using a truck bomb, machine guns and rocket launchers, Pakistani and American officials said." The attackers failed to breach the outer perimeter of the compound. Six Pakistanis were killed and 20 wounded, but there were no Americans hurt or killed in the attack.