I'm a vegetarian; I eat vegetables.

I'm not going to lie, I've gained some weight. (Corey, if you're reading this - I promise to lose it before I see you next time so you don't have to go through the trouble of socking me in the gut.) Anyway, I decided on the Duken Diet which is a series of varying phases of basically high-protein, low-carb. Simple, right? Yes and no. For me to eat nothing but protein means that I only eat about 400 calories a day. On an average week I may eat fish/seafood once. The past two days I've been eating it at every meal. The thought of eating it again makes me feel ill and something's got to give. I've decided to go back to the rigamarole of Mark's Daily Apple and do something a little more sustainable for myself. When all one thinks about is brussel sprouts and bell peppers, there's a problem.

Today is the beginning of the third day and I've had it. I just savagely cut into a red pepper, paired it with a quarter cup of sunflower seeds and am raising my middle finger in the direction of Dr Duken all the way from Rosslyn, VA. Wish me luck and as my mom says - this red pepper tastes just like flowers.


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